Access ADP ezLabor Manager Online

The ADP ezLabor Manager portal is available for employees of companies who are clients of ADP to enter their hours worked and view their employee timecard.  The ezLabor timekeeping system is an electronic form of time keeping which employee’s will need to use on a daily basis to track their time.  The site can be used for hourly or salaried employees along with Supervisor access for the authorization of all time.

For users who are new to the system there are a few initial steps to follow to get started.  Employees will need to bookmark on their internet browser.  All internet browsers have bookmarking capabilities so you can rapidly find your favorite sites by clicking their bookmarked link and save time without having to enter in their entire web address every time.

After the site has been bookmarked you can then type in your Employer’s/Client ID.  When entering in the Client ID please be sure to type everything as case sensitive.  Enter in your User ID and password which should’ve already been provided to you by your employer.  When you are officially signed in to your account select MY TIMECARD located in the middle of the screen.

The MY TIMECARD selection will allow you to enter your hours worked from the previous day.  You simply need to fill in the blank fields Time In and Time Out and your working hours will automatically be calculated.  If you were off the previous day due to a sick leave or paid time off you can enter in the appropriate earnings code for those reasons.

The last step is to click “Employee Approval” which will notify your Supervisor to review your timecard.  Another feature available for employees to access while inside their accounts include Payroll Summary which will provide a summary of hours for a particular Pay Date Range.



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