Apply for a First Premier Platinum MasterCard

If you received a pre-approved offer in the mail for a First Premier Bank Platinum MasterCard take the time to complete their online application form and receive a 60 second response on your credit limit.  Pre-approved offers have been sent to consumers who meet pre-determined credit criteria and if immediately prior to applying if your credit information has not changed you will be eligible for a credit limit up to $500.  If your credit information has changed negatively prior to applying the platinum card offer can be modified or withdrawn.

Before beginning the online application process please locate the Confirmation Number on your offer letter.  This number is needed on the homepage of above the APPLY NOW button.  It is the first bit of information that you’ll need to input before adding in your personal information such as name, address, social security number, income, etc.  After successfully entering in all the details on the application form simply wait up to 60 seconds and you’ll receive a decision on your credit limit.

Highlights of the First Premier Platinum MasterCard

  • Up to $500 credit limit
  • $25 annual fee
  • 25% monthly servicing fee
  • 36% APR
  • Late payment fee up to $38
  • Return item charge up to $35
  • Credit limit increases are considered for accounts open 13 months

All cardholders will have 24 hours a day 7 days a week online access to their account.  They will be able to logon and view all of their account information including transactions in real time.  Through the use of a username and password cardholders will be able to utilize any computer, laptop, smartphone, or mobile device to sign on and monitor their account.

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