Apply for a Surge MasterCard from Celtic Bank

If you recently received a preapproval offer in the mail for a Surge MasterCard from Celtic Bank and you’re a consumer that is trying to rebuild your credit take the time to consider the preapproval offer that Celtic Bank is presenting you.  The Surge MasterCard is a viable option for anyone that has poor credit and is willing to work hard to improve their credit score.  By receiving the preapproval offer in the mail you are already pre-selected to receive the card if you will take the next steps of applying for it online.

To apply for the card online consumers will need to locate their Reservation number that is highlighted on the preapproval letter they received in the mail.  The next step is to visit the Surge MasterCard application website which is located at  Complete the online application and wait for a decision on your acceptance which only takes approximately a minute and learn if you’re fully accepted to receive a credit limit from Celtic Bank for their Surge MasterCard.  

Depending on your credit score credit limits begin at $500 and for some consumers it could require a security deposit to be fully accepted.  If you are accepted for an account here are a few things to consider:  the regular APR is 29.99%, there is an annual fee of $125 for the first year and $96 thereafter, a monthly maintenance fee of $10 per month is assessed, etc.  New members will receive their card within 3 business days and it will need to be activated before using it by calling the toll free number on the sticker affixed to the card.

As an account holder consumers will have the option to utilize online banking that is provided free of service.  From their online account they will be able to sign up for e-billing, make payments online, view their billing statements, make changes to their personal information, etc.

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  • I’m trying to apply through my preseected acceptance letter I received today and ure site isn’t working for me to put the reservation number in

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