Apply for BP Visa Credit Card Account

If you are a BP Rewards cardholder and have seen for yourself the value in being a loyal BP customer through the BP Driver Rewards program then consider taking the next step to greater discounts by applying for a BP Visa Credit Card account.  Currently BP has an opportunity for new credit card members to receive 25 cents off per gallon of gas for every $100 spent at participating BP gas stations using their BP credit card account.  This is an initial benefit available during the first 90 days of card membership and will continue on afterwards.

In addition to the 25 cents per gallon discount per $100 spent new members can also enjoy earning 15 cents per gallon off for every $100 spent on eligible groceries, dining, and travel.  Another benefit available is earning 5 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted.  These specific benefits are for consumers that were approved for a BP Visa credit card only and will continue beyond their first 90 days.

The BP Driver Rewards card which is not a credit card is another program that consumers can join. From now until September 1, 2015 they will receive the same 25 cents discount as the credit cardholders but the discount will expire on September 1, 2015.  After that date they will only receive a 10 cent discount off per gallon reward.  An additional perk for loyal members of the Driver Rewards program is once a year they will earn a 15 cents off per gallon one-time discount called the Ultimate Status Reward after they spend $300 on BP fuel.

Applying for either card is convenient as pamphlets are available at local BP gas stations at the pump.  All you do is pick up a pamphlet which already has a BP Rewards card inside and visit to join for free and register your card which will establish an online account that can be used for monitoring your discounts.  Visitors can utilize the same site to apply for a credit card and receive a fast approval.

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