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Employees of Beam Team can access their employee time clock online using the UltiPro web portal located at (  The UltiPro system allows employees to manage their payroll information by starting the payroll process through time keeping and by providing access to their personal employee information.  The site can be accessed by employees 24 hours a day everyday and simply requires use of a company issued User Name and Password.

Employees who have forgotten their login credentials can basically remember their User Name follows a pattern of the first letter of your first name and your entire last name.  The password is your birth date.  If this does not get you into the system then you will need to see your Human Resources department for assistance.

Once ( employees will be able to perform a number of specific functions with the primary function being time keeping.  There are options for employees to clock in for work, clock out for lunch, clock back in from lunch, and clock out when it’s time to go home for the day.  The actual timecard can be viewed anytime by going into the Time Management section of the site and selecting the MYSELF icon.  The time card for the week will be displayed for viewing or you can select which pay period through the CALENDAR icon.

Other payroll features available for viewing through UltiPro are payroll checks, W4, and direct deposit.  There are options to print out past pay periods starting in 2011 along with W4 information.  An employee’s personal information is also visible including their address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, dependents, and health benefits.

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  • I was employee at the New Smyrna Beach Pizza Hut from April to July, 2014. I didn’t receive a 2014 W2 form. I called that location and they told me how to long on to I followed her instructions and was not allowed to log in. Please allow me to log in.
    John Quinton

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