Berry Plastics Employee Self Service Login

Berry Plastics employee’s can conveniently access their employee records online through the Berry Employee Self Service web portal.  The site allows employees to enter a User ID and Password to securely enter the site anytime of the day.  It is accessible through their home computer or mobile device as long as they know their login credentials.

Once inside their account employee’s can view much of their personal profile including current information on their payroll, benefits, training, education, and more.  The site is designed for each employee including management the opportunity to access employee records with Managers and Supervisors having additional controls to monitor employees within their department.  They can also track documents, make changes to employee records, approve time off, enter new employee information, conduct performance reviews, etc.

For users who may need assistance navigating their account they can refer to the Self Service Online Help feature which provides step by step instruction on each menu option.  Users can simply click on the topic they’re interested in and follow the instructions so they can learn how to perform each function.  The Self Service Help feature is a good starting point for new users to the site as they can quickly learn tips on how to navigate the site.

Berry’s Self Service site provides employees with all the access they need to review their employee records and make changes.  They can review their time sheets on a daily or weekly basis, edit their time, and submit their time to management for final approval.  All of their previous pay periods are recorded in their account so they can refer back to them.  Employees can refer to the tax information (W-2 or W-4) sections of their account when they need to make changes or print out forms.

Employees who are unsure of their benefit coverage can always refer to the My Benefits section for answers to their questions.  All of their benefit elections are stored online for them to see and if certain changes need to be made within their company benefit policies they can make those changes particularly if it’s during open enrollment.  Any training that an employee has done is also recorded in their online file for them to review and monitor.

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