Brother ScanNCut Electronic Hobby Cutting Machine

The innovative ScanNCut Electronic Home and Hobby Cutting Machine is a great new tool that is available to customers under an exclusive television offer.  Right now customers can save $100 off the retail price of the machine and also take advantage of an affordable 4 month payment plan.  The price to purchase the ScanNCut for a one-time buy is $399.96 or customers can pay $99.99 over 4 months.  It comes with free shipping and there is an online catalog of accessories that customers can choose from to add to their order.

The ScanNCut is an all-purpose all-in-one machine that does many different functions for anyone interested in Arts and Crafts.  This product will scan, cut, draw, and design to help you create whatever piece of artwork you can think of.  By owning the ScanNCut you now have the flexibility of at least 4 different tools in one which makes designing easier and much more fun.  You can easily see why this product has its own motto, “See it, Scan it, Cut it, Create it.”

Perhaps the most attractive feature is the built in 300 DPI scanner.  A built in scanner is more than enough reason for crafters to desire this product.  It simplifies the process of creating especially when you don’t need to rely on a computer, software, or ink cartridges any more.  Through the use of the electronic scanner you can turn your scanned images into cutting designs.  It doesn’t take any experience or expertise to operate this device.

Once you begin to use the ScanNCut you will see how easy it is to navigate from one stage of artwork to the next through the use of the 3.7” Color LCD Touch Screen Display.  You will be able to edit your designs and initiate all functions of the machine from this central area.  A stylus is available to help you maneuver your designs on the screen which will easily translate over into the scanning and cutting functions.

Customers who decide to take advantage of the special TV offer are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.  The product can be returned within 30 days and your money refunded if you are not happy with the product.  This is a great chance for curious buyers to try before they buy.



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