Buy 1 Nutribullet and Receive 1 Free

Have you still not gotten your very own Nutribullet system?  Well, if you’ve been putting it off now is the time to make your decision by taking advantage of an exclusive offer to receive 2 complete Nutribullet systems for the price of 1.  This deal comes with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee and is available for customers to make 6 monthly payments of $19.99.  This is a very convenient and affordable way for just about anyone to purchase this product.

Most customers are already familiar with the Nutribullet and how it is designed to break foods down into their most absorptive state.  This product works better than a blender and juicer as it extracts all the nutrients from foods such as vegetables and uses every bit of the vegetable for your nourishment.  Unlike blenders that only create a small amount of juice from its contents which leaves a tremendous amount of pulp, there is no pulp left behind in the Nutribullet to later throw away.  Whatever food that is placed inside a Nutribullet container is extracted for consumption in its most finite particles.

When you make your order you will receive a free bonus item “Natural Healing Foods Book” which was written to help you get the most use out of your new purchase.  You will learn about the various types of vegetables and fruits that are perfect to be used with your Nutribullet.  You will learn how to mix these foods so you can receive maximum nutrition from these foods.  You will blend the seeds, stems, skin, and all when you use this product.

Along with your bonus book you will receive the 2 Nutribullets systems which include, extractor blades, milling blade, power base, tall cups, short cups, comfort lip rings, resealable lids, user guide, recipe book, and 1 pocket nutritionist.  This is a limited time offer to receive 2 systems for the price of 1.  This offer is not available in stores.



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