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Pay Your Past Due Balances with AmeriCollect

If you’ve recently received a phone call or a past due balance in the mail from AmeriCollect you can submit a payment to resolve this issue at AmeriCollect’s online payment portal.  The website requires a User ID and Password to access your account which you will find your login information supplied on your past due …

JEA Ways to Save and Lower Your Energy Bill

During the winter and summer seasons JEA customers usually see an uptick in their energy bill but there are ways customers can cut back on those elevated costs by learning a few tips on how to save money during these peak energy use seasons.  Customers interested in learning some tips on energy conservation can visit …

CU Recovery Online Payment Center

C.U. Recovery is a third party debt collector that assists consumers with resolving their past debts that are currently in default.  If you’ve recently been contacted by a representative of C.U. Recovery or maybe received a debt letter in the mail concerning past debts you can resolve the debt by making payments at the online …

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