Create Your Own Desserts with the Dessert Bullet

Have you ever wanted to create your own healthy ice cream desserts using your very own dessert maker?  Well now you can with the brand new Dessert Bullet made by the makers of the Magic Bullet.  This new product will allow customers to make healthy ice cream within seconds with this revolutionary device.  With the Dessert Bullet you can turn ordinary frozen fruits and flavors into great tasting ice cream treats without all the fat, sugar, dairy, and extra calories.

The Dessert Bullet is so simple to use only requiring you to freeze your fruits and decide on what other flavors or recipe items you want to add to your dessert.  The next step is just add in the fruit and other items and within seconds you have your very own ice cream treat just the way you like it and tasting great.  It’s so easy anyone can do it including your kids.

The best part about making homemade ice cream is you don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients being added.  You control what you put into your Dessert Bullet and you control how healthy you want your dessert to be.  You also control how many calories and fat you’re taking in as well.  To get started making wonderful dishes there is a free book that comes with your purchase which is entitled “Naturally Delicious.”  It has over 100 all natural dessert recipes that are under 200 calories.

Customers interested in trying out this product can take advantage of a 30 day risk free offer that allows you to try it before you purchase it outright.  There is also an affordable payment plan that consists of 4 payments of $19.99 per month.  The entire deal comes with a 7 piece set which includes the power base, star shaped spout, oval spout, feed tube and barrel, pusher, top tray, and user guide.



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