Create Your Own Nail Art with Hot Designs Nail Art Pens

Have you ever had your nails professionally done and wondered if you could do them yourself?  Without having to invest in professional equipment you can achieve the same creative results with Hot Designs Nail Art Pens.  These pens are unique in how they function as a nail brush for your base color and on the other end of the pen you can use the stylist tip to create your own designs and patterns.

The best part about using the Hot Designs pens is anyone can use them while requiring no skill at all.  All it takes is a little practice and some creativity and you’re seconds away from awesome looking nails.  Why have someone else paint your nails and give that polished look when you can save the money and do them yourself.  It’s super easy and you can have your own personal style that will set you apart from the crowd.

The stylist tip on the other end of the pen is small enough for you to create any type of design you can think of.  You can use the tip to create dots, lines, figures, or more.  It’s like holding a very fine paint brush in your hand.  There are no limits to what you’re able to create.  The best part about this is you’re saving money and getting the look that you desire.

If you’ve seen the commercial on television right now customers can take advantage of a special offer that will give them three bonus pens for free.  With the three extra pens you can get three new colors.  Each pen has two colors so with 6 pens you will have 12 colors that you can do wonders with.  The Hot Designs Pen website offers the following colors:  blue, black, neon yellow, yellow, pink, metallic purple, metallic blue, orange, metallic pink, green, white, and metallic pink.

The TV offer for the pens is only $14.95 for the entire set including the extra 3 pens and a bonus design guide.  The design guide will give you ideas on how to create basic patterns to get you started.  The entire deal comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  You can try the pens out and if you don’t like the results you’re seeing just send them back for a complete refund.



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