Franciscan Alliance Online Bill Pay

If you recently received a billing statement from Franciscan Alliance and would like to make an online payment on your patient account visit the Franciscan Alliance online bill pay website to submit your payment.  The site allows customers to submit payments for patient services rendered from any of the Franciscan Alliance hospitals or Physician’s offices.

Patients not interested in utilizing the online payment service can also make a payment using the traditional payment options; by phone, mail, or in person.  If you would like to make a payment by phone you can call 1-866-903-0432 between the hours of 7:00am and 5:30pm.  There is also a return billing address on your billing statement with the address for sending your payment via mail.  Patients can finally visit the billing office in person and submit your payment there are well.

When you first receive a billing statement patients should review the entire statement carefully to see what services were covered by your insurance provider and which were not covered that you are personally responsible for.  You will want to get an understanding of why those services were not covered before going forward with making any payments.

On the payment site customers will have the option to select whether hospital or Physician’s office for directing their payment.  Each option requires account holders to enter their account/Guarantor number and Patient’s Date of Birth to access the right account to apply payments.  All of this information is available on your billing statement for you to simply enter into the appropriate fields.

Some of the acceptable options for payment are via credit card (VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard), electronic check, debit, etc.  If you are interested in setting up payment arrangements on your bill you can contact the customer service department HERE.



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