Get in Shape With Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer

Would you like to get in shape but just can’t seem to find the time to workout?  Can you find 10 minutes per day to work out?  Well, Tony Horton the creator of P90X has designed a unique workout program for anyone that can find 10 minutes per day to commit to working out.  This new workout is called Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer which is a condensed version of P90X.

Within the space of 10 minutes you will receive a top notch workout that exercises your entire body.  The key to getting the results you want is to commit yourself to doing the exercises he teaches for those few short minutes so you can get a full body workout.  The training you will receive is called “Super Stacking” that targets multiple areas of your body including your upper body, cardio, abs, and lower body.

10 Minute Trainer affords anyone who is just too busy to visit a gym the opportunity to lose weight, up to 10 pounds in 10 days and get into great shape.  Everyone has excuses for why they can’t find the time for their health but with this program there really is no excuse.  We all have at least 10 minutes to spare within each 24 hours that we are given.

What do you receive in the 10 Minute Trainer package?  Included in this workout customers will receive 6 full body workout videos:  Total Body Workout, Cardio Workout, Lower Body Workout, Abs Workout, Yoga Flex Workout, and Tony’s On-the-Go Workout.

There are also tools that will help you with the Super Stacking fundamentals:  workout calendar, Rapid Results Guidebook, 10-Minute Recipe Guide, Pro-Grade Resistance Bands, Power Cardio Belt, and 2-Day Jump Start Plan.

With most workout plans there’s always some freebies that are given as bonus items:  10 Minute Total Body 2 Workout, 10 Minute Core Cardio Workout, 10 Minute Upper Body Workout, 24/7 Online Support, and Tony’s Advanced Workout Calendar.

The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and has affordable payment plan options of 2 payments at $39.95 each.



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