Hooter’s Employee Online Ultipro Paystub

Employees of Hooter’s can access their paystub online by logging in to the Ultipro web portal.  The site requires users to enter their User Name and Password to sign on and once inside the site employees can view most of their payroll information.  Accessible to them is their personal profile, weekly pay stub information, W-4 and W-2 tax forms, benefit information, and more.  All of this information is accessible to employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Employees who may be experiencing problems logging in to the system due to forgetting their login data should consider the following format:

  • User Name is your last name including the last four numbers in your social security (letters are lower case).
  • Password is the employee’s birthdate in the format MMDDYYYY (this is a default password which can be changed once you’ve accessed the site). An acceptable new password should have at least 8 characters and include a capital letter, lower case letter, number, and character.

Ultipro allows employees to make certain changes to the information inside their account.  They can update their name, address, email, marital status, telephone numbers, dependent information, and more.   Some of these changes require approval from the company HR or Payroll department while others do not.

There is also the option to download and print out information from your account for documentation purposes otherwise employees can simply rely on all of their payroll and benefits information to remain inside their account for easy access.  Employees must remember the Ultipro web portal is an online extension of their HR and Payroll departments which allow them to have more control over their personal payroll information.

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