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The Online Court Payment System is an online mediator for the courts that accepts payments on their behalf.  They charge a small fee for the convenience of using their online system and submits the rest of payment to the appropriate courts on the customer’s behalf.  The site is available 24 hours a day for users and can be accessed from any computer, public or private, including mobile devices.

The site basically services courts located in the Tennessee/Virginia areas.  There is a list of those courts on the website ( that users can review under the County List tab.  If you have court fees owed to one of the courts in those areas then continue with your payment by selecting the Make A Payment button on the homepage.  The next step is to select the state (Tennessee or Virginia), select the county/city which includes a list of the participating courts in each county, then select the appropriate court type.  

After recognizing the appropriate court your court fees are designated for you will need to enter some personal details (name, address, and email address).  Court payments can be made in the form of credit or debit cards and electronic checks.  This information needs to be entered to start the payment process.  After submitting payment users will receive a confirmation of their payment via email.  The payment won’t be fully posted and accepted until the designated court receives it.  

Online Court Payment System charges a processing fee of $4.00 for transactions between $0.01 and $100.00.  Court fees that exceed $100.00 will face a 4% processing fee.  

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