– Z Gallerie Credit Card Payment

Z Gallerie credit cardholders can utilize the Comenity website to make their monthly credit card payment at  The site is available for customers to utilize 24 hours a day where users can pay their monthly credit card bill, view their billing statements, make any changes to their personal information, view transactions in real time, etc.  The Comenity site can be accessed from a home laptop, public computer, or mobile devices.

Z gallerie credit card login


Z Gallerie Credit Card Login

Customers that have recently received a Z Gallerie credit card can sign up for their online account by visiting Comenity Bank Z Gallerie and clicking the Sign Up button on the homepage.  You will need to enter the following information when registering:

  • Credit card account number
  • Zip code/postal code
  • Identification type (social security number, social insurance number, or alternate identification)
  • Last 4 numbers of your social security number
  • Create username and password
  • Enter your mobile phone number

During the enrollment process you can also elect to sign up for Paperless which allows you to receive a paper bill to your email inbox.  This will stop any paper bills from being mailed to your home and you will begin receiving electronic statements.  You will receive an email alert when your statement is ready for viewing.

Z Gallerie Credit Card Payment

One of the benefits of utilizing a Z Gallerie credit card login is you don’t have to wait up to 5 days before your payment is processed like payments that are sent by mail.  Payments that are made via your online account are typically processed the same day.  You will need to make your payment prior to 8pm Eastern Standard time on the payment due date for your payment to be processed and posted the same day.  Any payments made after 8pm will be processed the next business day and you may incur a late fee.

Customer Service

Any questions cardholders may have about the online service or about their account can be directed to Customer Care at 1-877-622-5314.

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