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Harris Teeter Associates can access the Harris Teeter Employee Self Service web portal online at  The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for employees to verify their timecards, weekly schedules, make any necessary time card changes, request time off, request change of schedule, etc.  These functions are available to employees from the ESS site which Associates can use any computer with a web browser and internet connection to access.


Only employees with login credentials (username and password) can utilize the ESS site.  If you’re an employee of Harris Teeter and need to access the site but does not have your username and password please get in contact with your HR department for access.  Login information is only provided by management.

ESS Harris Teeter Employee Login

To login to your online employee account visit WFMR ESS and enter your login credentials.  You will need to enter your username and password to sign on to the site.  If you don’t have this information please speak with your Supervisor for assistance.  Once you’re logged in you can view your entire timecard and scheduling information on your screen.

Employees should also understand that the Harris Teeter Employee Self Service web portal is not accessible using a Harris Teeter computer.  It is an only usable while on an outside computer such as your home computer, public computer, mobile devices, smartphones, etc.  It is for your convenience to be able to monitor your time and work schedule.

Employees that are unsure if the Harris Teeter store they work at utilizes the ESS site, a quick way to be sure is if you have an employee ID and you use that number to clock in to work everyday.  If you do then your hours and work schedule is stored on  Any store that has their employees clock in to work using their social security number have not been upgraded to the new WFM system and so your time and work schedule will not be available at the Harris Teeter Employee website.

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