– People Xpress Login for PF Chang Employees

PF Changs Ultipro/Peoplexpress Login

PF Chang employees including management can access their payroll timecards and company benefits information by logging in to Ultipro at  The online site is available to employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week to sign on and review their company info.  During income tax season employees can simply login to their account and print out their W-2 when it becomes available.

The old employee self-service site that employees used to view their payroll information was PF Changs Peoplexpress at and has been updated to the new Ultipro site at  PF Changs invested in new payroll/benefits software through Ultipro to help management and HR better handle their day to day employee personnel operation.

Through Ultipro employees can view their time sheets for the current and past pay cycles.  When their paystub is ready for viewing it will available inside their account so they can see their hours worked, overtime hours, taxes, deductions, benefits, vacation balances, sick time accrual, and more.  The PF Changs Ultipro system simplifies HR and Supervisor functions by allowing employees to have access to their time and benefit info.

With the Ultipro employee self service web portal employees can login to their account when they have questions about their pay or benefits.  This service reduces the dependence on HR/Payroll to answer dozens of questions from employees concerning their payroll or benefits.  All of their time sheets, paystubs, and benefit plan info is available for viewing inside their account.

Employees can also view their payroll history and W-2 history which will allow them to go back over the years to print out reprints of their W-2 or paystubs.  To login through the Ultipro employee self service portal you will need to enter your employee ID and password.

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