– Login to NexisCard Visa Prepaid Card Account

Cardholders of the NexisCard Visa Prepaid Card can access their credit card account online to check their account balance, submit a payment, pay other bills, transfer money to another account holder, and more. The site is free to use for cardholders and allows them access to their account information anytime of the day. By frequently logging in to your account you can better manage your finances by seeing all of your transactions in real time and viewing your balance.

To login to your NexisCard account users will need to visit ( and login with your User ID and password. First time users of the site will need to go through the registration process to setup their account for online use. There is a registration link on the homepage of the sign on page. Once you’ve completed registering and created your User ID and Password you’ll have access to your account.

One of the highlights of being a NexisCard member is the online bill pay service. From inside your account you can pay all of your bills through bill pay. The service allows you to select a Payee and submit a payment from your account in the form of a check to the payee. There is also the option to submit recurring payments such as car payment or utility bills directly from your account. You no longer have to pay for stamps or envelopes, the service does everything for you.

With the Visa logo cardholders can use their card anywhere Visa is accepted which allows you to book hotels, car rentals, air flights, make purchases online, and more. The Visa logo gives you similar purchasing power as a typical credit card accept you only spend what you have deposited in your account.

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