– Login to Ultipro and View Your Paystub

Employees of companies that use Ultipro for their Payroll/Human Resources software can access their individual payroll information online.  Ultipro allows employees to login to their account from any computer or mobile device that has a web browser and internet connection.  While logged in users can view their paystub information for the current pay cycle or previous pay cycles.  They can also view their W-2 info, deductions, make changes to their benefits, submit requests for time off, and more.

Ultipro is a convenient tool for both the employer and employee that reduces the need for paperwork while electronically tracking all employee payroll information.  Users can login to their account online by visiting ( and entering in their login credentials (user name and password).  If you do not have your login information please consult with your supervisor or HR department.

Once logged in a user has a variety of functions available to them as well as their entire payroll and health benefit information on display for them to view.  Any edits that are allowed for users to make will need to be approved by either your Supervisor or HR department.  During the annual Open Enrollment period employees will be able to login to their account and make any changes to their benefits.

Employees can also use the Ultipro app on their mobile devices to stay logged in to their account.  They can have access to their payroll file instantly through the app without having to use a browser.  While on the go employees can monitor their paystub info as well as perform basic edits through the Ultipro app.

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