– J.J. Keller Online Training Portal

Students interested in taking an online training course through J.J. Keller can visit (  The site requires students to enter a Username and password to access the training courses.  Users should already have their login credentials and if they don’t they will need to speak with their employer for that information.

Once logged in to their online account students will be able to select from a list of training classes available to them, which should already be setup by their employer.  There will also be a blue launch course link on the right of the screen and when the student is ready to begin their class they can simply click the launch course link.  All the instructions needed to take the class are provided after clicking the link.

Courses can be stopped and started depending if you need to step away from the class for a brief or extended break.  To stop the course simply click the exit course button which there’s two buttons located at the top and bottom of the course.  Once you return to restart your course you can simply select launch course and it will restart exactly where you left off.  It is a good idea when you are finished with your class to properly exit out of it so you are logged out.

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