– Landstar Login Portal

The LandStar Login Portal located at is an online destination for LandStar drivers and agents to access their online account or be directed to other LandStar online properties.  At the portal page users that don’t have an account can utilize the links to find information they’re looking for in the following areas LandStar Carriers, Lease2LandStar, and  First time users can also create a free account by going through the registration process via the “Create an Account” link at Landstar Online.

Landstar Login Portal

Users of the site do not need to have an online account to view any freight that is available with Landstar Freight or make status updates while under a Landastar load but having a Landstar Login offers a few benefits. Some of the benefits are you will receive notifications as loads are posted online which match your set criteria.  Users can also list their trucks inside their account that allows the Agent network to see via your account the capacity and space you have available.  Another benefit for online users is you’ll have access to tools that allow you to submit your paperwork electronically using Landstars scanning services.

The search feature is probably the most used feature with online users as they can search for new loads to haul based on their search criteria.  Users can search for particular delivery dates, types of pickup, cover specific areas, or loads by a particular LandStar agency.  Having a Landstar Login also allows users to update their load status.

Landstar Carrier Mobile App

Users can also take advantage of the Landstar Carrier Mobile App that provides easy access to available Landstar loads and status updates on loads in transit.  It also provides access to visibility to freight bill details and TRANSFLO mobile+ which as a service allows users to upload their paperwork to Landstar for a fee of $2 per transaction.  The mobile app is available via the Apple App store and Google Play and can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Visitors to the site interested in the leasing options with LandStar can select the Lease2LandStar link and company information can be obtained from the Landstaronline portal home.

Landstar Leasing

Leasing to Landstar provides drivers the options to choose the loads that meet their criteria or business needs.  Owner-Operators via the lease program have more control over their schedule as they can know when they are going to be home and when they can find load out.  There are many different loading options to choose from from van, flatbed, stepdeck, heavy haul, hotshot, or expedited.  If you’re looking to join the leasing program at Landstar speak with a recruiter at 1-855-578-7226 or via email

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