– Ultipro Login for LIDS Employees

LIDS employees can access their W-2 tax document online through their Ultipro login.  There are 2 web addresses employees can utilize to receive this information which is ( OR (  Either web address will take you to an Ultipro login screen where you can enter your User Name and Password to logon to the site.

After logging on users can view their W-2 by clicking the Myself tab which should be visible on the screen.  After selecting Myself the next step is to click the W2 tab under the Pay Section.  In this section you will be able to setup your account for electronic delivery of your W-2 so that it will be delivered to your account versus mailed out to you.  You will still need to select the Change W-2 Consent Form under Things I Can Do.  The last step is to select “I want an electronic copy only.”  This will ensure you will not receive a W-2 copy mailed to your home address.

If your W-2 is available via electronic delivery users will be able to print out a copy for tax related purposes or for any other reason.  For users that need further assistance with retrieving their W-2 they can follow the online instructions that are provided under the “Viewing Your Form W-2 Tour” link otherwise your HR department will be of additional assistance.

From the Ultipro site LIDS employees can also view their paystub information including their regular/overtime hours worked, deductions, wage information, tax information, and more.  Users have 24 hour access to this information that is available for them to monitor and manage their own account.

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