Learn How To Claim Free Money From the Government

Have you heard the radio ad about receiving free money from the government?  If you are interested in learning the tricks of the trade then take advantage of the offer called Free Government Giveaway Package that is an exclusive set of special reports that reveal how you can literally claim thousands of dollars in free money.  The government gives away money to people in the form of grants which many people are unaware of.  Through the reports offered you will learn exactly how to research various types of grants and benefit from them.

The Free Government Giveaway Package is a bundle of financial newsletters that explain how to access government programs along with federally subsidized programs housing unclaimed dollars.  The specific report that will go into detail about retrieving these unclaimed dollars is the Free Stuff and Great Bargain Adventures for People Over 50.  This exclusive report teaches you that anyone can claim these grant dollars as long as they qualify for them by simply following the instructions offered in the package.

Other incentives available for customers to learn about are programs that offer discounted rates on services.  There are subsidized rates available for travel, vacations, health care, and more.  There are a variety of services that you never thought of that can be obtained for a discounted rate.  This package will break all this information down for you.

In order to take advantage of this valuable information customers will need to follow the instructions on the mybenefits511.com website.  The site offers several reports that customers can receive in one complete order.  You will receive a free copy of Free Stuff and Great Bargains for People Over 50 along with 8 bonus reports, daily updates from moneynews.com, trial subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report, and a trial subscription to The Dividend Machine.

8 Bonus Reports:  50 Ways to Save $50,000, Pay Zero Taxes, Save Thousands on Soaring Education Costs, The Individual Investor’s Guide to Buying Gold Coins and Bullion, 8 Surefire Ways to be Richer a Year From Now, Save Up to 50% on Your Grocery Bill, 33 Ways to Save on Healthcare This Year, and Strategies to Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits.

To get started you will need to pay the processing fee of $1.97 which will allow you to download all of these special reports digitally.  On your trial subscription newsletters you will be informed when they are up for automatic renewal and you can decide then if you’d like to continue the services or not.  You have the option to cancel at anytime by calling the Customer Service Center at 1-800-485-4350.



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