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Are you a frequent shopper at your local Levi’s Outlet Store?  Would you like to receive a 20% discount on your next visit?  If you answered yes to both of these questions then spend a few minutes to take the Levi’s Store Feedback survey.  It doesn’t take long to finish from beginning to end and you will receive your 20% discount that can be used immediately.

The basis of this survey is to receive feedback from customers to help ensure their stores maintain a top level of customer service so that customers will continue to return to the stores to make purchases.  Levi’s values their customers opinions and comments and by completing the online survey you are contributing to continued quality service at each store.

The survey is not difficult and will only take a few minutes.  You will first need to locate your most recent store receipt from your last Levi’s visit.  On the receipt look for #2 and you will need the code that is shown to enter into the mylevisexperience.com website when asked.  If you’ll review your receipt you’ll notice there are instructions on how to participate with the survey.

Once you begin taking the survey you will notice that many of the questions you’ll be asked basically pertain to the level of service that was offered when you visited.  The survey wants to know if the store and staff members met your expectations and if not you are given comment boxes to provide your honest opinions and feedback.  The entire goal of the survey is to improve the customer experience in the stores.

Once you’ve answered all of the questions which are basically customer service related you will then be presented with a discount code that you need to add to your receipt in the appropriate space.  Keep the receipt because on your next visit you will need this especially with the handwritten code to take advantage of the 20% discount.



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  • I visited the Norwich store yesterday and was asked in the first thirty seconds four times if I needed help which I declined .I found it slightly oppressive and disingenuos . But when I made a joke about it to the next (fifth) person they seemed quite snotty with me . on a previous visit I had been told of your 20% discount but had,nt been able to understand how to get it and hoped on this visit I would be enlightened . But due to my “joke” the assistant chose to be kurt and quite rude to me.

    • I too have had a terrible experience in Levis store at Norwich. The manager was rude and the customer service appalling.
      I asked for an address to make a complaint and have been given this website. Feel very let down.

  • Visited the store in Rue Neuve in Brussels… great selection, very helpful staff. I’ll be back!

  • Im a fan if levis pants.and im enjoying every item in the outlet store, specially when it comes off percent here in Vaughmills Toronto ontario.Love it! 😉

  • Visited store Levis in Atrium Moscow, very helpful staff

  • Visited chapel field store very satisfied with service

  • I shopped Levi’s Factory Outlet Store on Hwy 501, Myrtle Beach, SC on 11/30/15. I received excellent service, courtesy and respect from a young sales associate named Eric. I look forward to visiting this store often in the future.

  • I am a trainee here in japan from philippines,
    Today i visited levis factory outlet in gotemba premium outlet and it was my 3rd time.
    staff named lee is verry nice to me all the time and im verry comfortable and happy because he can speak english!
    But when i ask him to take a picture with me cause i want to have a remembranse to a kind and handsome staff of levi’s like him he refuse…
    Omg!!a verry imbarrasing moment!!
    I will never do it again!

  • I shopped in Yorkdale in Toronto.
    Staff is very helpful !!!!!
    I will recommend this store to my friend!

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