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The ABI MasterMind Employee Self-Service is available online at for employees to login and perform a number of functions such as view their schedule, view their time, communicate with their scheduler, view company documents, etc. (ABI MasterMind Employee Self Service)

Employees of companies utilize ABI MasterMind Employee Self Service which is available to them 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Instead of having the hassle of using paperwork to keep track of their timekeeping the ESS Abimm is a much easier process that electronically records the time punches of employees that can be entered from any computer or mobile device.

The employee login at ABI Mastermind is simple and secure requiring employees to enter their login credentials to access their personal information including payroll and other company info.  Employees can visit the site ESS Abi and enter their Venue ID to start the sign on process.  If you do not know your Venue ID please consult with someone in your management team for this information.

The next step in the sign on process is to enter your login identification which is your last name + the last 4 of your social security number.  The last step is entering your PIN number which if this is your first time accessing the system it is 12345.  After successfully logging in the first time you can change this information to something easier to remember.


Once logged into your employee account you will notice all the available functions that you have access to on the left side of the screen.  One particular function that is very important for employees to learn how to use properly is the Schedule by Event function.  It is used to communicate with management to schedule the days you are available to work and to make specific requests such as the times you can be available.

Other features available to employees when they’re logged into their account is viewing and printing their schedule, view their scheduled shifts, scheduling their own shifts, updating their availability to work, communicate with their Manager, opt in to upcoming training classes, view the employee handbook, and more.

Managers also have the option to better monitor all of their employee’s activity through ESS Abi.  They can monitor each employees attendance, timekeeping, make changes to employees time, approve time, etc.


The primary uses of Abimm ESS is for employees and Managers to be able to keep track of employee time electronically without the use of paper.  This is a big help for the entire company and saves them time/money because everyone is utilizing the same system (employees, Managers, and Schedulers) and see the same information.  Payroll and company information is available for employees to view anytime they choose to login to ABI MasterMind.

ABI MasterMind is utilized by over 400 venues across the United States including theatres, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, etc.  The system is able to operate as more than an employee self-service system but also as workforce management, event booking, incident tracking, inventory, budgeting, and more. The homepage of ABIMM is available for online use at, employees and managers can login 24 hours a day.



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  • How can you request a new password if you have forgotten your old one? I can’t get into the schedule to change it.


  • I have not been able to access my abimm site for the last week. Every time I try, I get an “error on this page” What am I doing wrong? I can’t even get to the page for the Company access or the security page.

    Tell me what I am doing wrong. Before this, I could access this program all of the time. I need this for my employment.

  • I am a seasonal employee of the Cleveland Indians. I am trying to sign up for a Customer Service class on either 3/24/2015 or Weds 3/25/2015. My supervisor, Nate Janoso, told us to use our last name and the last 4 digits of our SSN. I tried entering this info. I also found a PIIN number I thought was valid. All I get is Error messages stating that both are invalid.

    Please contact me by email or call me at 4402484192 so that I know how to proceed.
    Thank you.
    Bill Rafalski

  • I can not log in to to type in nutter which is where I work.

  • I’m just starting this job and I can’t even log in to the ABI Mastermind I’ll put in everything correctly and it’s still saying s name users name invalid passwordso I have no clue what to do right about now

  • I work for the Kansas City Chiefs. I am rarely able to log on and view my schedule.

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