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Costco Photo Center customers that have a registered online account can upload and store their personal photos and utilize the photo center services to order high quality prints that can be ready for pickup at the nearest Costco store within an hour.  The online photo center allows customers to create albums, import photos from your computer hard drive or even social media sites, and easily share these photo’s with family/friends.  Customers can utilize the online service as a one stop shop for all of their photo printing needs.

Customers that have already registered for an account can login to their account at (https:www.costcophotocenter.com/login).  First time users of the site can click the “Create A New Account” link at the top of the photo center page and complete the short registration process.  Your login credentials will be the email address and password you establish while registering.  After your account has been setup you will be able to login to your account anytime to upload photos, create albums, and order print outs.

The tools inside your account that assist with creating your personalized photos are easy to use.  There is a drag and drop feature that allows users to locate photos on their computer hard drive and drag/drop those features easily into their online photo center account.  There are instructions on how to properly perform these feature but if you’re familiar with dragging and dropping it’s the same process.

Photos can be organized into self-titled albums so users can quickly find particular photos they are looking for.  When you’re ready to order prints you can pick out a picture and select the appropriate size and quantity you want the printout to be.  Some of the he sizes available are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 12×18, and more.  Cropping features as well as high gloss image selections are available as well.  There are lots of other features available to users to personalize their photos and receive a professional look.  Browse through the features and make your selections.

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