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MedStar Health employees have the opportunity to utilize the Paperless Pay Login web portal at to access and manage their payroll records.  The Paperless Pay system is an employee self-service system that conveniently gives employees full control over their payroll information.  Employees are directly responsible for all of the data that is stored in the payroll system and if there are any changes that need to be made they have the autonomy to make most changes that don’t require HR or supervisory approval.

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Many of the employees that utilize Medstar EPaystubs are enrolled in the company’s direct deposit program which allows them to view their paystubs online by simply logging in to their account.  By enrolling in the company’s direct deposit program employees are able to receive their paycheck faster (at least up to 24 hours faster than a paper check) and not rely on receiving a paper check.  It is currently setup that employees have a 24-hour window to access their paystub details a day prior to payday using

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First time associates that need to enroll in the online direct deposit program will need to visit Medstar Health ePaystubs which can be done from work or from their home computer.  When they visit the site they’ll need to create an online account which is a one-time process that you’ll need to set aside at least 10 minutes to complete.  For new employees who are using the site for the first time you will need to receive your initial login credentials from your employer.  They should arrive to you in a letter with other employee orientation information.

Basic Steps for First-time Enrollers

  1. Enter your Social Security Number as is no dashes – Hit Continue
  2. Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) – You should have received a default PIN that is basically the last four digits of your Social Security number, 2-digit month, and 2 digit year of your date of birth. The format should look like this XXXXMMYY – then select Login.

To access the online site employees will need to enter their username, verify their security image, and enter their PIN or password.  All of this information will need to be created before accessing the site.  If you do not have login credentials you will need to consult with your HR department to get assistance.

MedStar Health EPaystubs

In the Paperless Pay system there are options for employees to review their paystub in advance, utilize the Payroll card which eliminates the need for an actual paycheck, change their direct deposit, update their W-4, change personal information including address changes, utilize eReports, and more.  When it’s time to get paid your paycheck will be sent electronically to your bank account or whatever financial institution you’ve designated your pay to be sent and a copy of your paystub will be available inside your account for review.  If you need to print out the paystub there is a print feature enabling you to print it out.

One of the benefits of using an online payroll service like the MedStar Health EPaystubs is it caters to a GREEN initiative.  Paper checks and tax documentation has been greatly reduced as payroll information is stored online digitally providing access for every employee to use.  As long as an employee has a computer and internet connectivity they can review their payroll record from any device.

Employees have complete autonomy and control over their online Epaystubs Medstar account and can make necessary changes without having to depend on their Human Resources or Payroll departments.  Through the use of your login credentials employees can login to their paystub account from their smartphone, home computer, or any device that has an online browser and internet connection.



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  • I do I receive my pay stubs. I ‘ve been trying to get a copy to give to Raleigh Housing Authority. I work at Kangroo Express store 3303. Thank you for your time .

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