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Companies who utilize UltiPro for managing their human resources and payroll related activities can send their employees to the UltiPro web portal to access their employee records.  The site requires users to have a User Name and Password to enter the site.  If you do not have your login credentials please consult with your HR department for that information.

After correctly entering in your User Name and Password employees will immediately see an Employee Summary screen that is a general overview of their online record.  All of the information shown can be edited by the employee if changes need to be made.  At the right of the screen under the “Things I Can Do” section there is a list of options available to employees where they can make edits.

At the top of the screen there are tabs for various categories that employees can select from.  After selecting the appropriate tab an employee can review the information corresponding to that tab to review or make changes.  The tabs at the top are items such as Personal, Jobs, Career & Education, Pay, Benefits, Taxes, Training, and Documents.

Each tab category at the top of the screen has its own separate categories that are displayed after you make your selection.  With each selection you can review the Things I Can Do list for assistance if you’re looking to make edits.  After making your edits inside your account please be sure to save all of your work before exiting your account.

If you experience any problems logging in to your account please give the site a few minutes before trying to login again or contact your HR department.



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