LongHorn SteakHouse Employee Login

Employee’s of LongHorn Steakhouse through the use of the Darden Information Super Highway can access their employee record online.  Through the MyDish web portal employee’s can login to the site and review their pay/benefits information, enter in information pertaining to their hours worked, monitor their company benefits, and receive exclusive company information.  The site is accessible from any web enabled device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Some of the features within the DISH network available for employees is the option to check their work schedule.  To find out when they are working again any employee can simply logon and see their updated work schedule for the upcoming week.  If there are questions or concerns about their schedule there is a communication feature inside each employee’s account allowing them to contact their peers or Supervisors.  The DISH network makes is possible for constant communication between individual or group parties.

Any employee desiring to request time off can make that request inside their employee account.  Their requests will have to be approved by management which they will receive a response from via the network.  All work hours and payroll information is available as well through DISH.  Employee’s can review their current and past paystubs online as well as the days/hours worked.  They can ensure their paycheck is accurately stated before they are paid and if not questions can be posed before they are paid to ensure accuracy.

Employees also have access to their company benefits where they can always review what health benefits they signed up for and also tracking their 401k information.  All of their 401k information is available including their balance, distribution, and more for them to review at any time.  Health benefits are readily accessible for employees to review their plan coverage.

These are just a few major details concerning the information revealed inside each employee’s account within the Darden network but there’s more info shared that employees will find helpful including company news, restaurant news, job information, birthdays, and more.

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