Mailer for Citi Simplicity MasterCard Credit Offer

Credit card customers interested in upgrading to a better card should consider the promotional offer to apply for a Citi Simplicity MasterCard.  If you received a mailer from Citicards then you’ve been pre-selected to apply for their Simplicity MasterCard online or via the application form attached to the mailer.  Depending on the credit cards you currently have do a comparison to see if the Simplicity MasterCard benefits outweighs your cards.  If this card offers more benefits take advantage of the opportunity to apply online and become a member.

There are a number of enticing benefits for new customers including a bonus of 1,000 points just for getting approved.  The bonus points are used in conjunction with the Citi Easy Deals program where cardholders can redeem their points for discounts on merchandise and other great deals.  Also included with Citi Easy Deals is cardholders will earn 10% of all purchases as Citi Easy Deal points.  There are over 200,000 deals available for cardholders to explore at (  

New cardholders will also enjoy 3 NO’s which are no late fees, no penalty rate, and no annual fee.  Not many cards offer those benefits but this is what you can expect as a Simplicity MasterCard member.  For the first 18 months you can also enjoy a 0% introductory annual percentage rate on balance transfers from the date of the first transfer.  Any balance transfers after the 18 month period will be subject to a 19.99% variable APR.  There is a 3% balance transfer fee for each transfer.

Customers interested in applying for a Citi Simplicity MasterCard and receiving a fast approval can visit (  When applying online you will need your invitation number which is highlighted on your mailer.  It is a 12 digit number that will be entered along with your last name on the application page.  The invitation number has your personalized offer encoded to it so when you type it in most of your personal credit information needed to be approved for the card is already known.  After completing the short application process you will receive an instant decision on your credit acceptance and credit line.

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