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If you recently received a debt recovery letter in the mail by 3rd party bill collector Complete Payment Recovery Services consider making a payment at their online site located at  Customers have the option to pay online or utilize other alternative methods such as Check by phone, Western Union Quick Collect, MoneyGram, priority mail, or regular mail.

If you have access to a computer and internet the most convenient option is to pay online.  The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you to submit your payment.  There are no lines to wait in nor mail travel time to take into consideration.  Payments are made instantaneously and are posted to your account typically the same day.  You don’t have to worry about any additional fees when paying online as the services are free.

Before making any payments it is advisable that you speak with a representative at Complete Payment Recovery Services to verify your charges.  You want to ensure your bill is accurate and also depending on the amount owed if there are options for payment arrangements.  A representative can assist you with setting up a payment plan including payment dates.

When paying online you will need to have your debt recovery letter handy as the Control Number on the letter will need to be entered in the appropriate field on the site.  The only payment option available for customers is through a bank draft from your checking account.  If you do not have a checking account you may want to consider using one of the other payment options.

It is your responsibility to pay the debts you have outstanding so please be sure to correspond with Complete Payment Recovery Services and make a payment.

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  • I tried paying this returned check by phone and was told I couldn’t do so the representative was rude and very degrading. I am the legal representative for my brother Rodney Tardiff who wrote a check with insufficient funds. I went to the grocery store to pay the amount on the check and I was told that the check would be returned to the bank for payment. A month later he receives another letter stating that his check was referred to your agency. I returned to Hannafords grocery store and was instructed to call and make the payment over the phone the agent would not take my payment even though I have a joint checking and savings account with my brother. He is not well and cannot understand any legal matters that is why I Have been appointed his legal Representative.
    I’m only trying to make this right what is my next step?

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