Pay Your BrandSource Credit Card Online

If you’ve applied for a BrandSource Credit Card and been approved begin utilizing the BrandSource Secure Sign-On page to manage your account online.  Having an online account makes managing your credit card easier and cardholders can conveniently pay their bill every month.  Users can take advantage of their account’s online bill pay options that allows them to submit a payment and have it processed the same day saving them time and money.

For cardholders who are interested in the automatic bill pay setup this feature automatically pays your monthly balance on a scheduled day every month.  Whatever method you use for payment such as a bank draft, another credit card, or a separate bank account, your payment will be drafted out of that account which is a great way to never forget to make your payment.  The only worry cardholders will be concerned with is making sure they have enough money in their bank account or on their credit card to cover their bill.

Managing your credit card account online is a huge convenience for cardholders as they can access their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  With a User ID and Password they can logon to their account and view all of their account information.  Users can instantly see their account balance, next scheduled due date, monthly balance, personal profile, transactions past and present, annual percentage rate, and more.

Other online features that users will find helpful are the alert features.  Users can setup email and text alerts that will send notifications concerning your account to your smartphone or email inbox.  Account alerts are used to keep you informed of your account balance and when you are getting near your credit limit.

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  • I need full explaination of deffered Interest charged that may be billed.

    Is deffered Interest only on unpaid balance. i.e. If I paid balance down to all but $500.00 on a promational ” No Interest for 12 Months”, I only pay interest on that $500.00 not on the entire orignal balance, correct ?

  • I was charged interest because of the mailing. It takes almost a week to receive my payment (if not more). I made the last payment, my payments were made. And you cannot even bend to take some interest off. I am a continues customer.

    Keith Johnson

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