PayPal Business Debit MasterCard Online Activation

Have you recently received your brand new PayPal Business Debit MasterCard in the mail?  The difference between your new card and your old card is you have a new expiration date and card security code which you will need to update the next time you login to your PayPal account.  When you login there will be instructions on where to input the new information so you can activate your new card for use.  You will not be able to use it until you activate it.

Once you have activated your new card the very next step you should do is discard your old card.  Some people will keep their old card in their possession, especially inside their wallets with their new card.   It is better to discard the card immediately because when you need to make a payment you may pull out the old card and discover it doesn’t work and wonder what is going on.  For this reason it is a good idea to go ahead and discard the old card immediately after you’ve activated your new card.

Another step in the activation process is you will need to create a new PIN number.  The PIN number is used for ATM purposes or when you decide to use your card as a debit card where your PIN number is required.  You can make the PIN number anything you choose just make sure you remember what it is.  You may want to keep the same PIN number as your previous card or if you decide to create a new number be sure you remember it.

A large majority of people are paying attention to the news these days and noticing that credit card data theft is increasing.  Retail stores are becoming huge targets for identity theft and credit card theft so people are turning to alternative payment methods such as a PayPal debit card to safeguard their actual personal information.  People would rather not use their debit cards from their banks for everyday purchases but rather depend on an alternative card to do all of their spending.

With prepaid debit cards you can only use what you add to your account and there is no need to include your personal bank account information when using these cards.  These cards are great alternatives to safeguard your personal bank account information from potential fraud.  With the PayPal debit card customers can constantly reload them with money and use them for purchases anywhere due to the MasterCard logo.



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  • Can I transfer money from the paypal debit card to my checking account?

  • I already have a MasterCard and am happy with it. Why do I need another card? Paypal already has my other MasterCard info. as well as my bank account. They have done a good job deducting my purchase amounts from my bank account and I’m happy with that. Should I quit buying from EBAY?

  • Why is it so hard to activate my new paypal master card? I went to and after filling out the info requested I
    was that my new card number did not exist. After that I got the
    biggest runaround you ever saw. Someone working for Paypal
    should try their hand at activating a new card; its like pulling teeth
    or getting blood out of a turnip. There was a weekend sale on the
    29th & 30th and I missed out on two items that I wanted to buy
    because my card could not be activated. Why don’t you do like
    the banks do; you call a number they ask you to put in your new
    card number within seconds you are told that your card is ready
    for use.

  • Amen to the person who wants an easy call in activation. Why can’t u do that ?

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