Pre-Approval for First Premier Bank Platinum Credit Card

First Premier Bank is offering new customers the opportunity to improve their credit history by taking advantage of their pre-approval offer for their First Premier Platinum Credit Card.  If you received in the mail a pre-approval offer from First Premier Bank to receive a credit card and if you’re serious about rebuilding your credit then respond to the credit card offer by visiting

At the site you will need to enter the confirmation number that is highlighted on your approval letter into the appropriate box at the website.  The number consists of 9 numbers and 4 letters.  After you’ve entered the confirmation number and some details of your personal information you will then wait for a decision on your acceptance.  It only takes a minute or so to receive a decision.

Highlights of the First Premier Platinum Bank Card

  • Reports credit history to major credit agencies
  • $700 credit limit
  • $175 annual fee for the first year and $49 annually ever year afterwards
  • 36% annual percentage rate
  • Monthly service fee of $14.50 monthly after the first year
  • $6.00 cash advance fee
  • $35 late payment penalty fee
  • $35 return item fee

Other credit card offers with First Premier Bank are the First Premier Bank MasterCard with a $300 credit limit and the First Premier Bank Secured Credit Card with a $150 security deposit.  To learn more about the credit card opportunities available please click HERE.



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  • I recieved a pre-approved credit card notice with a confirmation no and I have searched your websites and found nothing that asks for or even has a place to put in the confirmation code, can you help?

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