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Consumers can take advantage of an opportunity to apply for a Walmart Credit Card by visiting www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen.  If you received a mailer indicating you’ve already been pre-selected or pre-qualified to apply for the card then take the next step of completing the online application or complete the paper application attached to the mailer and return it in the mail prior to the promotion deadline.  In order to be approved to receive a card you will need to respond prior to the promotion deadline date.

Apply for Walmart Credit Card Online

Walmart Card Offer Prescreen

The fastest way to apply and receive a decision on your acceptance is to apply for the card online at (www.walmartcardoffer.com/prescreen). You will need to enter your pre-qualified acceptance number which is an 11 digit number noted on the mailer along with your last name. After entering in this preliminary information the site will display your personalized offer to receive the Walmart card.  There are still some basic personal information you will need to enter to complete the application process before you’ll be extended a line of credit.  

After finishing the application you will receive a decision on your line of credit based on the credit information the site already has on you and the personal information you entered during the application.  It only takes about a minute or so to receive a response after your application is processed.  

Walmart Card Offer Prescreen


There are two different types of Walmart cards that will be offered, the Walmart Preferred Customer Credit Card or the Walmart MasterCard. The Preferred Customer card is used only for Walmart purchases while the Walmart MasterCard can be used anywhere the MasterCard logo is accepted.

Walmart Card Benefits

No Annual Fee:  The first benefit is there is no annual fee with being a member.  

Gas Discount:  Consumers will enjoy 5 cents off per gallon when purchasing gas at Walmart gas stations.  

Special Financing:  Cardholders can utilize the special financing offers on purchases which consist of 6 to 24 months deals for in-store purchases.  Currently, depending on the amount of the purchase you’re making customers will receive no interest on items if they’re paid in full prior to their 6 to 24 month financing date deadlines.  

Cash Withdrawal: Cardholders can enjoy are the option to request up to $100 cash from a Walmart register/cashier.  

FICO Score:  A free FICO score is provided to members when they enroll in electronic statements.  

Fraud protection: Fraud protection is automatically available on cards that will reset if fraudulent charges are made.  

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