Proactiv 60 Day Risk Free Radio Offer

Proactiv is offering customers who just heard one of their radio ads the opportunity to use their products risk free for 60 days.  They are so sure that their products will work on you that you can try them for 60 days and if you aren’t satisfied with the results you can return the products and get a full refund.  With a deal like this you have nothing to lose especially for first time users who have never tried Proactv but always wanted to.

There are 3 different systems you can choose from if you would like to try Proactiv which are the Proactiv Deluxe System, Proactiv for Teens, and Proactiv 3 Step System.  When you click on each system you will see an overview of what individual Proactiv products are included in each system.  There is also the option to select a free gift from the options that are available.  Depending on what you think your needs are decide on which system you feel best suits your skin condition.

Take the time to read all the reviews that are on the site.  You will want to read the comments left by previous customers and how they rated the performance of the products.  Customers are willing to share their experiences on the site so they can educate new buyers on how the systems work and whether or not they feel the products are worth the money.

This is a great deal for first time customers to finally see if Proactiv is all that it’s hyped up to be.  Take advantage of the 60 day offer and see what kind of results you receive.



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