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Randstad employees can sign in to My Workplace Randstad at to submit their time and view their details.  Employees using the system will have access to their timesheets, pay, benefits, job reporting, availability, expenses, and allowances.  This online service is a more convenient way for employees to manage their Randstad work assignments and payroll information without having to call or visit their local Randstad office.

randstad workplace login


My Workplace Randstad

Instead of having to carry around a temp time sheet employees can now use the self-service site to track all of their working hours.  With the online service employees won’t have to worry about losing their time sheets, forgetting to get it signed, rushing to turn in their time sheet before the deadline, etc.  With the self-service option users have all day access to their job information which can be altered if there are changes that need to be made.

The site is also accessible from mobile devices or smartphones which temp employees can utilize to logon to the internet and sign in to their Workplace account.  They can monitor their assignment information while on the go and review all of their timesheet information as well.  Randstad Workplace is a convenient service that makes life easier for Randstad, their employees, and for their clients.  The timesheet paper trail is no longer needed and all of their communication between both parties is done electronically.

When employees have questions about anything they can login to their account online and find an answer to their questions before stopping by the Randstad office or calling an agent.  Much of their employee file is stored inside their account for them to view and have access to.

Randstad Workplace Login

All users of the site will need to have a username and password to access their individual Randstad profile.  If you are new or are a first time user you will need to activate your account by selecting the New User option.  This option will take you to the Randstad Employee Self-Service User Activation screen which you will need to complete.  You will need to know your Employee ID before you get started.  If you are not sure what your Employee ID is please contact your local Randstad office.  You will also be required to enter your date of birth, last name, last 4 digits of your social security number, create your login credentials, create a security question, create a security answer, and enter your email address.

If you forget your Self Service ID or password you can utilize the “Forgot User ID/Password?” link and follow the prompts and a recovery password will be sent to you.  Any further assistance can be found by calling the Randstad Customer Support Center at 1-877-601-7453.  Employees should become familiar with accessing the self service website at as it will make their time as a Randstad employee much easier.


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  • hello I use too be an employee for solutions staffing and I was working for nestle through them all my information got transferred over too your company im still a temp at nestle through you guys now. my employee login im guessing is Ortega,Mark 00006172410 one of your employers came to the nestle warehouse on 51st avenue and buckeye on Friday to tell us that all temps from solutions were going too be working for randstad now. im trying to find where to log in but I cant find it and its not working im trying to get my direct deposit up. please email me as soon as possible. thank you

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