Shark Professional Rotator 3 in 1 Lift Away Vacuum Review

Perhaps one of the best vacuums around is the Shark Professional Rotator 3 in 1 Lift Away Vacuum.  It is the most versatile vacuum for homeowners offering 3 different ways it can transform into a unique cleaning tool that will conquer the dirt in your home.  The Shark Rotator is literally three vacuums in one with each version extending your cleaning range.  It is an upright vacuum, a canister, and a hand held lift-away all in one.

The upright version of the vacuum has an awesome swivel steering feature that allows you to maneuver with ease around furniture and objects.  It also comes with the Anti-Allergen Sealed HEPA Filtration that makes sure the vacuum is completely sealed and not able to emit dirt and particles back into the air.  There are no vacuum bags needed as all the dust is captured in the dust container.  Another new addition is the LED headlights that help you to see as you vacuum underneath beds and furniture.

The No Loss of Suction Technology is another feature with the Shark Rotator as it never loses power no matter how full the dust container gets.  Most other vacuums will lose suction power as they get full but the Shark through its No Loss of Suction technology retains its suction power so you will always have deep cleaning power.

The Lift-Away feature of the Shark Rotator opens the door for more deep cleaning power to be done in just about any part of your home.  You can clean the stairs easily, drapes, your vehicles, furniture, and more.  If you get tired of holding the Lift-Away and want to put it down you can use the optional caddy that can be pulled behind you.  Nothing is out of your reach with these 2 features.

With all of the options that are available with the Shark Rocket customers can get this vacuum for an excellent price along with an affordable payment plan.  Customers can purchase their own vacuum for 4 payments of $49.95 or make one full payment for the price of $199.80.  It comes with a 5 year VIP warranty along with a host of upgrades that can be made including extra accessories.



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  • Zip code is 54023
    What would shipping be??
    How does it do with LOTS of SAND??
    Please let me know,Thankyou very much

  • I bought my shark off of the TV made payments on my . I love my shark and it stopped working and I have no idea who to contact ,o if you could give me a call my name is Robin Niskanen my number is 636-795-1948 thank you. And I have two big labs that shed a lot and my shark works wonderful with it. Thank you

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