Sign Up For NetZero Mobile Broadband Internet

Do you need mobile broadband internet at a great price?  If you are an on the go type person who wants to have the ability to connect to the internet without having to depend on public hotspots then the Netzero 4g Mobile Broadband Internet service is for you.  Netzero offers their customers the same fast internet speed but at much more affordable prices, including free.

There are 5 basic plans that Netzero has available for customers to choose from which are free, basic, plus, pro, and platinum.  Each plan varies in price depending on the amount of data used in a month.  Here is a breakdown of what you get with each plan including data amount and monthly fee:

  • Free – 200mb
  • Basic – 500mb – $9.95
  • Plus – 2,000mb – $19.95
  • Pro – 4,000mb – $34.95
  • Platinum – 8,000mb – $49.95

With each plan you’ll need to purchase the Netzero internet connection devices which are the Netzero 4g Stick at $24.98 or the Netzero 4g Hotspot at $49.98.  The stick is used for laptops and netbooks plugging right into your USB port while the Hotspot can be used for connecting most any internet capable devices including tablets and iPads.  Currently customers who sign up for the Plus, Pro, or Platinum plans can purchase either of the mobile devices for a 50% discount.

The beauty of being a Netzero customer is you don’t have to worry about signing a 2 year contract like their competitors.  There are no contracts to tie you up for years and if you want to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time you can do so.  Customers have more flexibility with the Netzero Broadband internet service.

If you are unsure which data plan is for you visit their site and review their data plan chart which breaks down the typical use for each plan.  You will be able to get a good idea of what to expect from the monthly data allowances offered so you can make the best decision.



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