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Staples employees can access all of their benefit information online at the Staples Associate Connection web portal available at  Employees will find the site very convenient as they can access their company benefit and payroll information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Whenever employees have questions or simply want to review benefit plan information such as their 401k, medical/dental plans, or life insurance they can simply login to Associate Connection.


Staples Employee Login

To gain access to the online system users should already know their Employee Number and Password.  If you are unsure about your employee number a good first step is to review your recent paystub.  That information should be in the top right or left corner otherwise contact your Human Resources Department.  If you’ve forgotten your password begin with the Forgot Password option on the Staples employee login site for steps to recovery.

Staples Associate Connection

Currently the company and its employees are preparing for Open Enrollment which is scheduled to begin in May and end in June.  Every employee must decide on changes to their benefits during this time frame otherwise they will not be able to make changes any other time during the year.  After changes or selections have been made Associates will be sent a statement of these changes which they will verify and if corrections need to be made they can be made at the Associate Connection site.

staples associate connection

Inside the Staples Employee Hub users will notice how easy it is to navigate.  Maneuvering from one benefit to another is easy with their Tab system.  Just click on a tab and you can review your personal information for that particular health plan.  All of your coverage information and options are there for employees to review or change.

The site is a great resource for Staples employees as it allows them to have more control over their benefits and become more hands on with their personal information.  It is a great way for employees to conveniently manage their benefits file online and when they have questions they can easily find the answers they’re looking for by simply logging in to Staples Associate Connection.



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