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You may be preapproved for a Legacy Visa Credit Card, if you received a mailer recently from Legacy Visa visit www.firstnationalcc.com/accept to apply for their credit card.  There is a deadline for consumers that have been preapproved for a card to take advantage of the offer and apply which is by December 5, 2016.

The max credit limit that consumers can receive is up to $1,500 but for most customers depending on their credit score they will receive typically around a $350 credit limit.  The Legacy Visa credit card is basically a credit card for individuals with less than perfect credit.  This is a credit card if used responsibly will help consumers get their credit back on track.

Apply Legacy Visa Credit Card

To apply for the Legacy Visa card consumers will need to visit the online application site at www.firstnationalcc.com/accept.  Once on the site you will need to complete a 4 step application process that includes entering in your Reservation Number & Access Code, verifying your mailing address, completing the Acceptance Form, and accepting the offer.

Your Reservation Number is a 12-digit number and your Access Code is a 4 digit number both of which are highlighted on the mailer you received.  Enter in both numbers in the appropriate fields on the application homepage then continue through to the following steps.  Both the reservation number and access code are necessary providing you access to your personalized Legacy Visa credit card offer based on certain financial criteria you’ve met.

At the end of the application process you will receive an instant decision on your credit card acceptance and find out the credit limit you’ve been approved for.

Legacy Visa Credit Card Review

APR:  The annual percentage rate on the Legacy card is 29.9%

Annual Fee:  Customers will notice after getting approved for a card their credit limit will be reduced by $75, taking into account the annual fee deduction.  If you choose to have an authorized user attached to your account an additional $20 fee is deducted from your credit limit.

Late Payments:  There is a late payment fee of $25 on past due payments and $25 for returned payments.

Credit Bureau Reporting:  Your payment history will be reported to all three credit bureaus which is necessary to begin rebuilding your credit history and increasing your credit score.

Credit Line Increase:  After 6 months of being a Legacy Visa member you will be eligible for a credit line increase but your account will need to be in good standing.  You will need to make your payments on time, meet the debt to income requirements, and maintain your credit profile.

Online Account Management:  Cardholders will have 24 hours a day access to their account information via Cardmember Services.  You will need to register for the free service at https://firstnationalcc.com/cardmemberservices/.  After registering and creating your login credentials you’ll be able to login and check your account balance, credit limit, recent/past transactions, make online payments, etc.

If you’re seriously trying to get your credit score going upwards and need a credit card that you can rely on consider applying for the Legacy Visa Credit Card at www.firstnationalcc.com/accept.

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