www.getmyusps.com – Track Your USPS Packages Online

USPS customers can track and manage all of their postal packages via a USPS account at www.getmyusps.com.  Inside your account you have a dashboard that displays all of your incoming USPS domestic packages.

USPS customers can take advantage of the MY USPS online services that will allow them to track and view the status of their incoming domestic packages at www.getmyusps.com.  This is a secure location for customers that allows them access to their account using the web from a home computer, mobile device, or smartphone.  My USPS is a convenient option that postal customers can manage all of their package shipping and receiving from one central location.

My USPS Steps to Get Started

  • Create a free account at getmyusps.com
  • Verify your identity
  • Setup package notifications and begin receiving tracking updates

My USPS Benefits and Features

  • Receive tracking updates
  • Set up notifications (email or text alerts for incoming packages)
  • Incoming packages will automatically show up in your My USPS dashboard
  • Schedule redeliveries if you miss a package
  • Authorize your package to be left at your doorstep
  • Hold mail if you plan to be away from your home

The My USPS service is not open to all areas.  If you see the website www.getmyusps.com advertised in your local post office then your local area can sign up for the service.  When you try to sign up for the service the site will indicate if My USPS is operable for local residents.

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