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If you received an offer from Home Depot in the mail to apply for their Home Depot Consumer Credit Card consider it as an opportunity to get your house in order.  With the spring and summertime approaching this is a great time to start planning on some of the home improvement projects you’ve been putting off.

The great thing about the HD Consumer Credit Card is you’re already pre-selected and only need to complete the short online application to be approved for your credit limit.

What are the benefits of the Home Depot Card?

  • Approved cardholders will receive no interest if their purchase ($299 minimum) is paid in full within 6 months. If your balance surpasses the 6-month mark interest will be charged beginning at the purchase date.
  • Receive 1 year no hassle free returns which will be credited back to your Home Depot credit card
  • Fraud protection guarantee against unauthorized charges

Customers can submit their application in 3 ways:

  1. The application that is attached to your Home Depot offer letter can be completed and dropped off at your nearest Home Depot location
  2. The attached application can be completed and sent via mail
  3. The fastest and most convenient way of completing the application and receiving a quick response is by visiting (homedepot.com/applynow). The online site will provide an instant decision for most applicants.

When customers visit the online application site you will need to enter your Invitation/Reference Number which is highlighted on your letter.  From there you will also need to enter some personal information including your name, social security number, mortgage/rent amount, salary, etc.  Once you’ve answered all the questions and finished the application it’ll take approximately 60 seconds to receive a decision on your acceptance.

If you do not receive an instant decision that means your account will need further processing and it may take a few more days in which you will be notified.  The offer for the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is only available for a limited time so apply before the offer date expires.

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