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People are raving about the performance of the Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ.  It is the latest blender appliance under the Ninja Blender brand that combines 2 machines in 1.  It combines the Nutri Ninja Vitamin Extractor with the Ninja Total Crushing Blender.  With this combination customers are getting the best of both worlds with unlimited potential for creating their favorite healthy beverages.

Nutri Ninja Duo was created with the user in mind with 2 selling points that customers love which are the one-touch intelligence with Auto-iQ and easy clean up.  The Auto-iQ technology built in this product already has 5 pre-programmed settings that only require the user to push a button to get the type of consistency they desire.  You no longer have to stop and start the product to get the desired results you want but with the one touch intelligence you can make your selection and walk away.

With Auto-iQ there is a pulsing feature that will automatically stop and restart the blender so the ingredients in the container will fall to the bottom and then restart again so the ingredients will be broken down again.  This feature is how the Nutri Ninja is able to extract all of the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.  It also helps create better consistency with your beverages.

Unlike other blenders that can be difficult to clean up after use but the Nutri Ninja has dishwasher safe containers and parts that are easily detachable.  The Pro Extractor Blades are very simple to remove and you just place them in your dishwasher for fast easy clean up.  You won’t dread pulling out this unit when you want to make a beverage because cleaning it up is super simple.

What comes with the Nutri Ninja?  It comes with a 1500 watt professional base with auto-iQ, 3 extractor cups (20oz, 24oz, and 32oz), 1 set of pro extractor blades, 1 set of total crushing blades, a 72oz blending pitcher, inspiration guide, and a 3 day jump start plan.  It has some bonus items also including free VIP lifetime warranty, recipe book, and processor bowl upgrade.

Customers can take advantage of an online offer to receive this product for 1 payment of $179.80 or the payment plan of 4 payments of $44.95 per month.  This offer is available online at (www.ninjaduooffer.com).  Each deal comes with free shipping and handling.

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