www.sce.com/ebilling – SCE Electronic and Paperless e-Billing

SCE (Southern California Edison) customers interested in signing up for paperless billing/e-billing can visit www.sce.com/ebilling.  SCE Paperless Billing is a convenient alternative for customers who are less interested in receiving a paper billing statement every month and more interested in being notified when their monthly statement is ready for viewing electronically.  Customers can access their bill from inside their online account.

SCE’s Paperless Billing service is free to use and customers only need to sign up for the service which is initiated from inside their account.  According to SCE’s Frequently Asked Question page located at www.sce.com/ebilling it’s a simple process to enroll in paperless billing.  The steps are to sign in to your online account, select My Bills & Payments, then Billing & Payment Options.

When your monthly billing statement is ready for viewing you will receive a bill ready notice via the email address you signed up under that will indicate that you bill is ready.  The notice will include your total amount due, the due date, and a link to view your bill.  Your actual bill will be identical to a regular paper bill highlighting the same important information.

An important feature with paperless billing that customers should be aware of is new enrollees will only be able to view past billing statements up til the day they signed up for the service.  Customers that have been signed up with the service for over a year can view up to 12 months of billing statements inside their account.

SCE is also providing customers who utilize online bill payment through their account an automatic enrollment into paperless billing.  They will receive a notice when their bill is ready, view monthly statements, and find ways to reduce their monthly energy consumption to save money.

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