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State Farm customers can transfer their higher interest credit card balances to the State Farm Visa Rewards Card at www.sfapply.com.

pre-selected for state farm visa


For a limited time only State Farm customers interested in saving money by reducing their interest rates on their current credit cards can enjoy no balance transfer fees by applying for the State Farm Rewards Visa Credit Card.  In addition to the no balance transfer fees new cardholders will also receive a 1.9% introductory annual percentage rate on these transfers through 22 billing cycles.

The no balance transfer fee is for the first 90 days of your account opening and the introductory APR of 1.9% jumps to a 11.49% variable APR after the 22 billing cycle ends.  If you are looking for a deal this is a unique deal for customers and you should be able to see the potential for saving money, potentially hundreds of dollars.

Pre-Selected for State Farm Visa

This offer is only for customers that have been pre-selected.  Customers that received a State Farm Credit Card invitation notifying them of this offer can visit www.sfapply.com, call 1-800-837-0602, or return the completed Acceptance Certificate to apply.  When applying it is necessary to include your Invitation Number which is a 16 digit number highlighted on your mailer.

This is an offer solely for State Farm customers who received this offer by mail.  It has an expiration date of November 30, 2016 so customers will need to respond by the deadline to take advantage of this special arrangement.

State Farm Visa Rewards Card Benefits

The State Farm Visa Rewards Credit Card has a few perks that customers should know about.  The card has no annual fee.  Cardholders can earn 3 State Farm Loyalty Rewards points for every $1 spent on their first $4,000 of net eligible insurance premium payments made annually.  Also, earn 1 point for each $1 spent on all other purchases.

Use your State Farm Visa Rewards Card and earn points by participating in the rewards program.  Points can be redeemed and applied to eligible State Farm products including if you have State Farm insurance your insurance premium payment, gift cards, or travel.  Balance transfers don’t qualify for State Farm Loyalty Rewards points.

Cardholders should also note that rewards points do not expire but can be suspended or lost for not maintaining your State Farm account in good standing.

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