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The Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo is the latest product release from the famous Ninja brand.  Customers can now receive 2 products in one with this small appliance.  It combines the Nutri Ninja Nutrient & Vitamin Extractor and the Total Crushing Ninja Blender all on one powerful 1500 watt power base available at www.buyninjaduo.com.  You now have the option to create healthy juices or blend your favorite smoothies.  This new innovative product has condensed two wonderful individual products into one dynamic unit that provides lots of diversity for users.  There is no limit to what you can do with or create with the Blender Duo.

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Nutri ninja duo as seen on tv


Most people who enjoy creating healthy juices also enjoy creating smoothies or frozen drinks.  With the Ninja Duo you’ve instantly reduced the need for two products taking up space on your countertop and saved money.  When you want to create a smoothie or create your own healthy juice all you do is use the appropriate container on the power base and select the Nutri Ninja or Blender settings.

On Amazon.com the Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo is a highly recommended product with over 400 customer reviews and a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.  Click for Ninja Duo best pricing!

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ

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The system comes with a unique feature called Auto-iQ which is an auto-programmable feature that has pre-determined speed settings which will produce the desired results you are looking for.  You can just press a button and walk away until it is done.  The Blender settings are already labeled for you (Frozen Drink Smoothies and Puree) while the Nutri Ninja settings are Nutri Ninja Ultra Blend and Nutri Ninja Blend.

Ninja Blender (Total Crushing Technology)

When you want to blend together your favorite smoothie or iced drink the Total Crushing Technology of the Ninja Blender is powerful enough to crush through ice chunks or even frozen fruits to produce the right consistency for your drink.  It has installed the Ninja patented blade system that has no problem crushing ice into a snowy texture that you can really enjoy.

Vitamin Extractor

The Nutri Ninja utilizes sharp Pro Extractor Blades to emulsify and break down any fruit releasing all of the nutrients and fiber to help produce a healthy drink.  The Pro Extractor Blades and the powerful motor can not only pulverize fruits but vegetables, seeds, and even ice.  You have at your disposal the power to create the same juices that you buy from stores like Jamba Juice.

Nutri Ninja Duo As Seen On TV

What comes with the Ninja Duo?  It comes with a 1500 Watt base with Auto-iQ, 3 extractor cups with to go lids (sizes 18oz, 24oz, and 32oz), 1 set of Pro extractor blades, 1 set of Total Crushing blades, one 72oz blending pitcher, and inspiration guide, and a 3 day jump start plan.  Customers can take advantage of a 4 payment plan of $49.95 per month or purchase the appliance outright for $199.80 at www.buyninjaduo.com OR use your Amazon Prime membership and purchase the product at Amazon and receive it in 2 days.  Click for Nutri Ninja best pricing.  After purchasing the product and trying it out leave a comment below giving your thoughts.

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