Academy Sports + Outdoors Employee Self Service

Academy Sports + Outdoors employees can utilize the Infor Employee/Infinium Self Service web portal to access their employee payroll and benefit records.  The self service portal allows employees access via a User ID and Password.  Employees can use their login credentials through any web enabled device including a home laptop, public computer, smartphone, or iPad.  The site allows employees to view and change some of their employee information without requiring assistance from the Human Resources department.

Users who experience trouble signing on to their account can first try the “Reset my Password” option on the self service homepage to recover a lost password or create a brand new password.  In order to start the resetting process users must first have an accurate User ID that is recognizable before creating a new password.  All other problems should be directed to your HR or IT departments for assistance.

When logged in to the system employees can view their profile information which if needed personal information such as your name, address, email address, phone number, and other info can be changed.  Payroll and benefit information is available for viewing which helps employees better monitor their working hours and pay stub information.

Features such as activating or changing direct deposits can be initiated by users online.  If there is a need to print out documents including pay or tax statements (W-2) these functions are also available for employees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There is no need to wait until the next day for anything when the employee self service is always functioning.

Work schedules are also viewable inside employee accounts which is a much easier process than calling your Supervisor or coming in early to view the next schedule.  The self service portal allows you to stay in the know about everything concerning your employment with Academy + Sports Outdoors.  To login to your account visit

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