Accept the Barclaycard Rewards World MasterCard

Are you looking to upgrade your current credit card?  Have you improved your credit score and now look to possibly applying for a new credit card?  If you’ve answered yes to these two questions then take advantage of the mail in offer you received from BarclayCard for their BarclayCard Rewards World MasterCard.  You’ve already been identified as a good candidate to receive the card due to your credit score so the next step is to simply continue with the online application process.

Before you begin applying you will need to locate the Personal ID Code that is highlighted on the mailer you received from BarclayCard.  It consists of 3 sets of digits which you’ll need to enter during the first stage of the online application process.  You will also need to enter some personal information and afterwards you’ll receive an instant decision online on your acceptance and your credit limit.  If you’re instantly approved you will be notified immediately after the application process has completed which only takes a few seconds.  Customers who do not receive an instant decision will need to check back at a later date for verification.

What can cardholders expect from the BarclayCard Rewards MasterCard?  The card is basically for customers who have an average credit score in the range of 620-659.  It comes with no annual fee and has reward earnings capabilities.  Cardholders can earn 2 points per $1 on gas, grocery, and utility purchases.  For all other purchases $1 is earned and when members want to redeem their points they can use them like cash to pay for purchases.

On a monthly basis members will receive their updated credit score as a free benefit and have access to those scores from inside their BarclayCard online account.  Customers should utilize the online account services as you will have access to your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week through a User ID and Password.

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